Pre- commissioning and commissioning are the last stages in the completion of industrial and infrastructural projects. The importance of pre-commissioning and commissioning operations is primarily in revealing possible errors and discrepancies in engineering and installation in the implantation phases, as well as functionality of the devices and equipment used in every component of a system and plant.

At NEC, we are committed to delivering fail-safe and reliable pre-commissioning and commissioning services to ensure that execution phases have been accurately completed and projects are streamlined for smooth operation.

In addition to pre-commissioning and commissioning services, NEC also offers operation and maintenance solutions for completed plants and projects. This allows us to assist our clients with routine technical inspections and maintenance as well as operation of the plants and systems delivered.

At NEC, we believe in providing advanced pre-commissioning, commissioning and operational services to our clients in order to ensure the safety and high quality of the industrial plants we deliver.