Safety is the utmost priority



The execution of industrial and infrastructure projects, especially large and mega-scale projects, requires massive construction and demolition operations. This always involves risk to the health and safety of on-site workers. Such activities also pose environmental hazards that affect the quality of life of those living in the vicinity of the construction site.

Given the risky nature of construction activities, we ensure absolute compliance with all health, safety and environment (HSE) instructions to mitigate the risk of injury, loss or damage to workers, the environment and the general public.

HSE issues are among the primary concerns of Nastaran Electric Company. NEC has therefore put in place an appropriate HSE management system and provides HSE training and instructions within the company.

Nastaran Electric’s concern for HSE is not restricted to the company’s personnel, sub-contractors or beneficiaries but extends to the inhabitants and natural environment close to construction sites.

Furthermore, the design & engineering, procurement, construction, and installation phases of projects are all subject to the latest HSE standards in order to ensure the safe operation of the plants after work completion.

Given the range of risk factors and safety hazards in the construction operation, we use different HSE instructions tailored to the specific HSE requirements for different working conditions and fields under the ISO standards and other valid pertain regulations.


Our general approach to implementing HSE instructions involves;

  • Careful development of a safety, health and environment culture as part of the expansion of organisational values                                                     

  • Targeted and constructive training of personnel to achieve continuous improvement in all activities and services of the Industrial Group and enhance the quality of process implementation, while improving personnel team spirit                       

  • Clarification of the critical role of compliance with HSE requirements for personnel and contractors to foster good HSE culture and improve personnel motivation and team spirit                   

  • Mitigation of environmental risk factors, including use of eco-friendly methods to reduce pollutant emissions

  • Implementation of effective preventive measures to reduce the risk of injury, loss or damage to persons and the environment

  • Professional investigation in case of accident, conducted by HSE experts to determine direct and indirect causes of accidents and eliminate recurrence of such events in the future                    

  • Qualitative and quantitative controls to ensure that the effectiveness of the HSE management system and the correct application of HSE instructions by personnel

  • Updating of company HSE instructions at the beginning of each year to take account of corporate expansion and current activities.


At Nastaran Electric we are dedicated to providing a safe, healthy working environment for our employees, while helping to preserve the environment, by complying with the HSE instructions.