Power Industry




The power industry is one of Nastaran Electric’s major fields of specialisation. We implement a wide spectrum of power industrial solutions across a range of operational areas including generation, distribution, transmission, and control, using the latest technology on EPC, EPCF, BOO, BOT and PPP basis.

At Nastaran Electric, we are focused on delivering sustainable and effective power network facility projects with the highest efficiency and minimum emissions. 


Areas Covered 


  • Gas and combined cycle power generating plants 

  • Reciprocating engines power generating plants

  • Green energy power generating plants

  • CHP and HRSG facilities

  • HV/MV Power substations including conventional, mobile, GIS and switchgear

  • HV/MV power transmission lines

  • HV/MV/LV and control cable laying and termination

  • Control systems including PLC and DCS.