Renewable energy means power production from carbon-free and sustainable resources using solar, wind and wave technology and geothermal and hydro-generation. These alternatives are considered effective methods for combatting environmental pollution, global warming and climate change. From an economic standpoint, clean and renewable energy is also more cost-effective since it yields a range of long-term benefits.

Already a known and trusted name in energy industry, Nastaran Electric has enhanced its expertise and capabilities as a leading contractor in sustainable energy EPC. With a robust profile in technical engineering and project implementation, particularly in the power plant and power industry, NEC offers reliable solutions for a wide range of renewable energy facilities including solar, wind, and hydroelectric power plant projects.  

Constant technical advances are being made bringing enhanced sustainable power-plant efficiency. For its part, NEC deploys modern technology-enabled systems and processes to execute sustainable projects and ensure absolute precision in every aspect of its power plant projects.


Areas covered 


  • Hydroelectric energy power plants 

  • Solar energy power plants

  • Wind energy power plants