Civil and Soil Operations




Civil, structural, and soil operations are the fundamental activities in almost every project. As an integrated industrial and infrastructure solutions provider, Nastaran Electric performs a wide range of civil, structural and soil engineering services for energy, power, transportation, mining industries and the midstream projects on an EPC basis.

In addition to performing industrial and infrastructural construction activities, Nastaran Electric also offers various construction solutions for mass housing projects and large commercial buildings, using both conventional methods and offsite construction practices such as LSF, ICF, and Panelization building solutions.


Areas covered 


  • Soil operation, including excavation, levelling, improvement and strengthening of soil

  • Civil works, including concrete constructions and steel structures for industrial and infrastructural applications

  • Transport facilities including tunnels, bridges, highways, roads, railways, and airports

  • Infrastructural projects, including waterways and water treatment units

  • Mass residential and commercial building using conventional and LSF, ICF and Panelization methods 

  • Healthcare facility projects